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England-Bildungs-Fahrt 2013 englisch


Our Discovery Journey to South England


In addition to the classical English lessons at school we every two years offer our pupils to go on a journey to England. This way they are able to get to know many more details about the English people, their country and about how they live. So 57 pupils of classes 8 and 9 and 4 teachers of our school were on a journey to Bexhill-on-Sea from Nov. 10th to Nov. 15th. Like in the past 6 years we were accompanied by 9 pupils and one teacher of our Polish partner school in Witnica.

After a 13-hour journey we arrived at the ferry port of Calais. The weather was fine, the sea wasn`t rough, so we crossed the Channel within 80 minutes without any trouble.

We arrived at Bexhill-on-Sea early in the evening and were welcomed by an agent of our travel agency “Senlac Tours” . The host families were already waiting for “their new German Kids” for the following 3 days.

The next day our group visited the British capital. First we stopped at Greenwich, had a look at the Greenwich meridian followed by a guided sightseeing tour through the city of London. At the Tower of London we had to leave our coach and started visiting the White Tower first and then the Crown Jewels. After that the Tube-what Englishmen call their underground- took us to the wax figure cabinet of Madame Tussaud`s. The musical “Thriller Live” with well-known hits of “The King of Pop” himself has been entertaining all the spectators for about 2,5 hours.

On Wednesday we started on a trip to Portsmouth. There Admiral Nelson`s flagg ship and the National Museum of the Royal Navy were our aims to be visited.

In the following morning we had to say good bye to our host families and to the team of Senlac Tours. We went to Hastings this time not by coach, but by train. One of Hastings` sights are the “Smugglers` Adventure”. The caves showed us what the smugglers did in their time, why they did it, how they did it and how they lived. After that we had time for shopping in the marvellous old part of Hastings.

At about 3p m. we started our journey back to Seelow via Dover, Calais, Belgium, the Netherlands, Dortmund, Hannover, Magdeburg and Berlin.

Stressed, but with a lot of new impressions, we arrived at our school at about 12.30..